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Update From The Board
September 2018

It has been just over a year since Piper’s Pointe received the full force of Hurricane Irma as it made its way up the South West Gulf Coast of Florida. 

I can report that the Board of Directors has been more busy than usual this past off season with issues related to last years hurricane and the resultant damage it left in its wake.  There were also a few legal issues that required attention over the summer that were just now manifesting themselves that resulted from the hurricane.


The Board has been keeping a close eye on financial matters and trying to be more than a little thrifty in light of all the unexpected expenses that were incurred.  Our Treasurer has been working diligently with the Board on budgetary issues to ensure the association gets back on track and to business as usual with the least amount of impact to members as possible. 

The biggest challenge the Board has faced has been the securing of vendors who would perform the required work at a reasonable rate along with obtaining the required work permits that needed to be issued by the county.


The last obvious damage that has yet to be addressed is the damage that was incurred by the carports. Many vendors considered our carports to be simply too small a job to even consider providing estimates for, while others were quoting too exorbitant an amount to even consider. I went to Fort Myers and visited three vendors; one was interested but then backed out after viewing the site. Finally, in August, we found a reputable vendor that was willing to perform the work; however, once the contract was issued, it was sent to the county engineering department where it continues to reside today. The process to gain permits for the project has proven to be very difficult as there are no documents filed with the county recognizing the carports on the property.  Anybody who has access to the Naples Daily news will already be familiar with the stories concerning the backlog of permits and the stalled projects all over the county as a result.  Just by driving around you can still see thousands of roofs that continue to be covered with blue tarps.  We are hopeful however that we will have our carports back in place sometime later this fall.

There was an initiative over the summer season to make Piper's Pointe a veteran friendly condominium that welcomed the VA Loan process for purchasing a unit.  This required an amendment to the condo documents and was a very research-intensive endeavor that was undertaken by Vice-President George Diebel and our attorney.   We were very disappointed in the response received from our owners.  So many just did not care to even participate in the vote and therefore the attempt to make our community welcoming to veterans failed.


Managing our parking system has proven to be quite difficult because our previous management company did not forward any of the parking permit records to our current management company; Gulf Breeze.  Gulf Breeze has done all they can to get a better picture of the system, but it has proven to be an almost impossible task.  As a result, the Board has decided that our parking system will be getting a makeover and going back to the basics.  As such, an in-house distribution of parking stickers will be implemented shortly where permits will be made available through the Piper’s Pointe office at the club-house.  The new stickers will no longer be affixed to the bumper of the car but rather to the lower left rear window.  There will be three distinct categories:


  1. Member: A member will be the occupying owner of record of the unit, their spouse and immediate family (son, daughter).
  2. Resident: A resident is a lease holder with the same provisions for the second sticker, if any.
  3. Associate: An associate will be non-related registered occupant of a unit, including caretakers, significant others, etc.


Our seasonal renters will receive a hang tag that will be assigned each year upon arrival and returned on or before departure. The process for guest parking remains unchanged.

When you drive through Piper's Pointe it will seem that things are almost back to normal; however, there is still much to be done that is going on behind the scenes to ensure your association continues to thrive and provide the living experience you have all come to enjoy.  

On behalf of your Board of Directors,
Brendan Denis Flynn