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Effects of Irma on Our Community
October 4, 2018

The following are pictures provided by several sources from around Piper's Pointe.  They are not intended to alarm or scare you, but rather to provide you with a sense of the challenges that we all face together as we restore our community.  We know that many of you will be making your way back to the community over the next several months and we wanted to ensure you aware of our situation.  Rest assured, work is well underway, and your Board of Directors is in constant communication to ensure the work progresses as efficiently as possible, but make no mistake, it will take time.  There is a lot of work to do, but together we will get there with your patience, assistance and understanding.

On behalf of your Board of Directors,
Brendan Denis Flynn
Irma Update
September 16, 2017

The Board of Directors receive daily briefings from Ralph Weidner of Gulf Breeze Management about the progress that is being made in Piper’s Pointe and the situation in the community in general as well.  Gulf Breeze has sent a broadcast email to most residents with an update; however, as power was down at their offices this proved quite difficult until now.  In case you did not receive the broadcast email I thought it would be worth sharing some of the comments and insights from that email with you.


Due to space limitations, the following is an abridged edited version of those comments, and errors or omissions are mine (to view the email in its entirety, you may follow this link Gulf Breeze Email):


Things are beginning to improve, but we have a long way to go.  Sometimes its two steps forward and one step back.


We are sorry that we were not able to communicate with residents over the past number of days with updates, as we had no power to the office and it was only restored today.  There were over 100 voicemails waiting and I personally answered over 300 calls from residents.  Please understand that we are not ignoring your concerns or calls, it is simply too difficult with all the work that needs to be attended to, spotty cell phone coverage and power to return all calls.


Today, gasoline started to be available in Bonita Springs and points South.  Over the past few days gas was more available in Fort Myers and points north.  Many stations have no power so when gas was delivered to a functioning station, lines would almost immediately develop. 


For several days, we had reasonable cell phone coverage but it is greatly degraded today on all carriers.  I suspect that the generators serving some of those towers have run out of fuel and are in areas where the power has yet to be restored.


Power in general is getting better day by day.  Sometimes an area, will get power only to lose it again.  We do not have power for the office or at my own home.  When we check online, FPL simply provides the standard response that power is expected to be restored by September 22.  When we check for my house, it states that the power has already been restored as of Wednesday, September 13; however, it has not been.  In these cases, it is important to report the outage to ensure your street does not get overlooked.


A more recent issue has been with the sewer systems which are not operating properly due to the lack of electricity to the lift station pumps.  As a result, some sewers are backing up and leaking raw sewage onto some streets.  So far, we do not have any issues of this nature at any of our properties.  Residents have been asked to refrain from using unnecessary water until the situation is resolved.  Water is being shut off in some communities that had water so as not to worsen the situation.


It is for these reasons that we are discouraging people from coming down to the area as it will add pressure to the already stressed infrastructure (electricity, water, roads, emergency services, supplies, etc.).


We expect to have at least made a first pass through all of the communities to clear landscaping and other debris from the road ways by the end of this weekend.  The hardest hit communities were focused on first, so if your community still has issues with debris, count yourselves lucky as it means you received less damage and others are much worse off than you.  We had 12 crew members working in one community for 3 straight days to clear debris just so emergency crews and trash trucks and contractors could get in.  This will be a multi-step restoration process and your patience and understanding is appreciated.


Southeast Spreading who looks after much of the mulching for Gulf Breeze Management organized themselves before the hurricane hit and arranged for crews to be on standby.  As of Thursday, they had 200 people and 38 chainsaws clearing debris.  About one third are from local crews and the remainder are from out of state brought in to assist.


There is roof damage; however, for the most part it is minor and not resulting in leaks, where leaks may be happening tarps have been temporarily employed to ensure there is no migration of water into the units.  All the roofs will be inspected after the initial emergency response has settled.


Stores are starting to reopen as power is restored which has been helpful in getting supplies; however, there is high demand on all construction and restoration material.

Numerous insurance claims have been started where applicable for damage to major structures where the damage exceeds the deductible; however, it is important to remember that landscaping is not covered by insurance.


Also, it is important to remember that the people doing all this recovery work to make our community beautiful again are not highly paid workers and live in homes that are probably located in some of the hardest hit areas and are damaged or flooded.  Most have been working very long hours all week under horrendous conditions even though their minds are on the safety of their own homes and families.  They have put our communities ahead of their own personal needs. 


Please remember to show them the respect, understanding and kindness that they deserve.  A little thanks can go a long way.


Although, the Piper’s Pointe community has suffered a lot of damage, it could have been much, much worse.  With the commitment your Board of Directors has made in working with Gulf Breeze Management, along with your patience and understanding, Piper’s Pointe will recover and once again be the beautiful community we have come to know.


On behalf of the Board of Directors

Brendan Denis Flynn

Update on the Condition of Piper's Pointe
September 13, 2017

The Board continues to work hard with Gulf Breeze Management to assess and prioritize all of the work that needs to get done within our community.  Gulf Breeze was on-site again today continuing to clear debris from common areas and coordinate work.  We are also happy to say that power was restored today to the entire Piper's Pointe community, which is an important step in maintaining a healthy environment in our homes.

To provide our community with important public-safety information about Hurricane Irma, naplesnews.com has temporarily suspended its paywall.  Readers can access an unlimited number of stories on their site, regardless of their subscription status.   WINK TV also provides free on-line local coverage of the storm which has proven to be helpful in staying abreast of new developments.

We will of course provide you with updates here as things develop.

Charles and his family are currently making their way back to Naples and will be on site upon his return.  We wish Charles and everyone else who finds themselves travelling on the roads at this time - safe travels.

On behalf of your Board of Directors

Brendan Denis Flynn

Message to all Piper's Pointe Community Owners, Residents and Friends

September 12, 2017

We know that the last few days have been very difficult for all of our residents who are both here in Naples and away in their summer homes.  We hope that at this time you and your families are all safe and doing well.  I know you all have a lot of questions and I will try to provide some answers here.

As you know Hurricane Irma was quite devastating to many parts of Florida and in particular South West Florida along the coast which was hit the hardest.  Winds were recorded in the Piper’s Pointe area at 130 mph.

You can imagine how communication has been quite difficult with power being down, cell phone batteries drained, most people evacuating including members of our property management team who needed to look after the safety of their own families and homes.  As people are returning to the area and with each day that passes we are getting a much more clear picture of the damage suffered at Piper’s Pointe.

Rest assured, Ralph Weidner, President of Gulf Breeze Management has been onsite since Monday to survey damage and prioritize with the Board the work that needs to be done.  Make no mistake, the common property at Piper’s Pointe has suffered significant but not catastrophic damage.  At the time of writing this, these are the issues that we are aware of:

    • There are many trees down throughout the property
    • Four carports have had mild to severe damage done to them. 
    • There is roof shingle loss on various buildings.
    • The clubhouse pool has a hole in the roof structure. 
    • One building address board has been damaged.
    • One lighting fixture over a mailbox has come down.
    • Most noticeably and dramatic, is the entire large pool screening cage has collapsed.

Despite the significant rainfall and much talked about storm surge, it would seem that none of the units have suffered any flooding from ground water or storm surge.  The lakes seemed to have captured surface  water, but at no time did they breach their banks.  Some units may have had water migrate into the unit as a result of wind blown water against the windows or doors.  All of the residential building structures are physically sound.

Gulf Breeze has had a crew arrive on Tuesday and cleared all the trees and debris from the roadways which run through our community.   Thanks to their hard work our roads are now clear and navigable.  They will be returning on Friday to continue cleanup of trees and debris.

Florida Power and Light is working with crews from all over the United States to restore power after the largest outage in their history.  They expect that power will be restored to all areas including ours by the end of next week at the latest.  You can go to the Florida Power and Light website for updates on outages.  There are however positive signs, as power has already come on in some grids close to our community and the traffic lights at Immokalee and Airport Pulling Roads which weren’t working Tuesday morning were on and functioning by afternoon.

Charles and his family were evacuated and we have been in communication with him as well.  He is currently returning to Naples; however, there is a lack of gasoline and the Interstate I-75 can be quite difficult due to all the returning residents.  Once he is back on site, we will have a much more detailed idea of what we are up against.

We appreciate your patience at this very difficult time.  We are working diligently with Gulf Breeze to devise a plan of action to return Piper’s Pointe to the beautiful community it is.  As information becomes available and clearer, we will provide updates here on this site.  Please be mindful that there are many urgent issues that need to be addressed and Gulf Breeze management is in the field looking after issues on our behalf. 

We know that you are quite anxious to find out about the condition of your specific unit; however, if you have questions that are not an emergency in nature, we ask that you please refrain from calling Gulf Breeze at this time.  They simply cannot possibly field all of these calls, nor will they have information on your specific unit.  For owners who have reports they would like to share, or questions you can direct them to ppcanaples@gmail.com.  As more information becomes available, we will post it here.

For those who are interested in their well being; the cranes guarding the entrances to Piper's Pointe weathered the storm proudly.

On behalf of your Board of Directors

Brendan Denis Flynn

Hurricane Irma
Emergency Contact Information

For residents who have evacuated or live in other parts of the world.  Very good storm coverage can be had anywhere in the world online at WINK TV.


Collier County Facebook Page

Emergency Contacts
Collier Information Hotline         239-252-8444
Police/Fire Emergency              911
Collier Sheriff Non-Emergency  239-252-9300
City of Naples Police                 239-213-4844
City of Naples Fire                     239-213-4900

Naples Community Hospital      239-436-5000

Florida Power and Light             800-468-8243
Comcast                                     800-934-6489
Century Link                               800-339-1811

Hurricane Irma
Wednesday September 6, 2017

Gulf Breeze has implemented its hurricane preparation plans in anticipation of Irma. It is important not to focus too much on long range projections. Beyond 2 or 3 days, there is a wide cone and the computer models move back and forth a few hundred miles. It is also important to understand that this hurricane had hurricane and tropical storm winds across 40 miles. We could miss a direct hit and still experience strong winds, heavy rain, and high tides.

Schools in this area will be closed Thursday and Friday. There are voluntary evacuation recommendations from local governments especially along the coast, areas prone to flooding, and especially west of US41. Another consideration is a person’s health. Just remember that once tropical force winds begin, the police, fire departments, and EMS staff will be sheltered in place until the storm passes.

We are aware of many people who are evacuating. One of the complications is airlines are booked solid and gas is in short supply. Many gas stations were out of gas late yesterday and earlier today there were long lines. It is even difficult to buy bottled water. Essential supplies are sold out at Home Depot, Lowe’s, and ACE. We recommend that everyone have contingency plans. Even if evacuation is not feasible, please consider moving inland to the home of friends or relatives or into a shelter; especially if your building was constructed before 2004 and you are in a high risk area.

Gulf Breeze is responsible for the common properties. We are beginning to put away all pool furniture and will make a final pass later in the week to put away the remaining pool furniture. Community grills are being secured. Other measures will be taken once we are closer to the actual storm and depending on the projected severity in this area and the proximity of Associations to the coast. Gulf Breeze is not responsible for individual homes or condos and cannot, for instance, install hurricane shutters or secure items that belong to ow3enrs. Each owner should have a home watch person who should deal with their individual needs.

If we receive substantial damage, it will not be possible to communicate directly with all residents. We will do our best to keep the Boards or ‘hurricane captains’ informed and they will maintain communications with residents.

At noon on Friday, we will close our switchboard and only handle emergency calls from that time until the storm has passed. Normally, we are rather liberal in our interpretation of what constitutes an emergency. However during this hurricane event we can only respond to true emergencies ie situations that present risk to property or residents.

Managers will triage properties as soon as possible and resources will be deployed to Associations based on the urgency of need. We will reopen the office and resume normal operations as soon as possible.

Piper's Pointe Condominium Announces New Property Management Company

September 2017

The Piper's Pointe Condominium Association Board of Directors would like to announce that it has contracted Gulf Breeze Management Services of SW Florida, Inc, to provide property management services to our community.

Gulf Breeze Management Services of SW Florida, Inc

8910 Terrence Court - Suite 200
Bonita Springs, Florida   


Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

Phone: (239) 498-3311
Fax: (239) 498-4974

Website: www.gulfbreezemanagement.com

Gulf Breeze Management Services of SW Florida, Inc, will provide the same excellent level of service that we have become accustomed to with a few exciting additions.  Most notably there is the addition of an on-line maintenance request section and the ability to pay quarterly condominium dues on-line.