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The Piper’s Pointe Community has fared well within the protocols that have been set in place; social distancing, masks, washing hands, quarantining upon arrival, etc.  It is easy to get used to this safe environment; however, we must continue to be ever vigilant and not let up in our resolve to continue these safe practices.


The information that we are currently receiving is not at all encouraging for greater relief anytime soon from this pandemic.  Our individual concern for our neighbor’s health is paramount and will go a long way in keeping everyone safe.  Pursue local opportunities to get vaccinated and get tested when you are in doubt about your exposure.



In view of the latest information concerning Covid-19, the Piper’s Pointe Annual Meeting for 2021 will be held as a virtual meeting.  The budget meeting will be included in that agenda.  Information concerning the Annual Meeting will be sent to all owners in due time.



The initial building repairs have recently been completed and we will be commencing shortly with the paving or our parking areas and roads.  This work will occur in early February.  The board has worked diligently with the contractor to get assurances that there will be a minimum of inconvenience and residual dust/debris.  However, whenever projects like this are undertaken there will be some issues that arise.  Please be patient.

Specifics of the sequence of work will be announced as they become available; however, as a general concept the work will start in Grand Oaks Way, starting with the carports followed by the open parking areas and concluding with the road work.  

As of this writing we can tell you that after the completion of Grand Oaks Way work will start on Wading Bird Circle commencing with carports at Building 164 and continuing to 161, then 157 all the way around to 101.  The same pattern will be repeated for all the open parking after that.  Finally Wading Bird Circle roadway will be paved in one lane at a time.

This work will require all vehicles under carports to be moved to open parking while carports are being paved followed by the reverse while the open spots are being paved.  

Special Considerations:   

  • Emergency vehicles will have full access to the community.  

  • Schedule any furniture or appliance deliveries outside of the paving dates.  

  • Regular deliveries such as; UPS, FEDEX etc. will not be impacted.  

  • Garbage and recycling pickups will not take place during the paving.

  • Drive slowly on the new pavement and only turn while your vehicle is in motion.

Total cooperation with moving your vehicles as required is necessary.

Please make sure you understand what is expected of you during this process.


The start date is currently undetermined.  Information will be published for the next update.

Brendan D Flynn – President, 

on behalf of your Board of Directors

George Diebel-Vice President.,

Jack Ligouri-Secretary

Elie Abourizk-Treasurer,  

Nick Rosa-At-Large






The maintenance needs of this community have been greatly impacted by age, Hurricane Irma and now the pandemic. Postponement because of these impediments can no longer continue. The time has come for us to aggressively address those issues. The Board of Directors have approved a major maintenance project that will commence around the beginning of December.


Phase 1 is the repair and replacement of soffits and fascia. This will involve workers ascending each building for the purpose of reaching the affected areas. This work should not be much of an inconvenience to you.


Phase 2 and 3 will result in inconvenience for everyone owning and or residing here. The degree of inconvenience will be determined by the cooperation that is received from all of us. It is strongly suggested that you do not schedule any internal major work during this work. Anyone scheduling a window washing should delay the work until all the outside projects have been completed at each building. This could be accomplished by the end of January or before barring some unforeseen circumstances.


Phase 2 is the re-paving of the roads and parking areas. This is a dirty process. This will produce dust. But it cannot be delayed any longer. Vehicles will have to be moved and removed. COOPERATION is key to completing this work at the fastest possible pace. Lack of cooperation will result in more inconvenience and added cost. Vehicles will have to be moved. Our rules dictate that every vehicle remaining on the property unattended for 2 weeks or more must have a means for that vehicle to be moved, whether it is keys or someone to move the vehicle. Any vehicle that is not relocated by the owner or person-in-charge will be removed at the vehicle owner’s expense. It is critical that the contractors have free access to all paved areas. All residents should be conscious of residual issues that may result from this application. One may be the tracking of residuals into the home. Do what is necessary to prevent it. The vendor will ensure you continue to have access to your unit while the work is in progress. Following this will be:


Phase 3 is the painting of every building and structure in the complex. This will take as long as 5 or 6 weeks. This we believe is the 5th time that the campus has been re-painted. Many know what the process entails. Be aware of when your building will be started. The power washing of your building will be the first step. All the doors, frames, window frames, and entry railings will be sanded and painted so that they are alike. Make sure that your door and entry is clean before this process begins. It is required by the rules and regulations.

All entry doors that open inward to the unit will have to be accessed to paint the entry door. Units that are unoccupied and without access will be accessed for the purpose of this maintenance in accordance with the condo declaration. Florida statute requires that every condo unit owner provide the governing Association with a key for such access.

Owners will also have an option to have their lanai painted. There will be a separate protocol for this work. If an owner opts for this additional painting, access will be necessary. Lease holders should consult with their landlord to determine if their lanai is to be painted.


COMMUNICATION is an especially important part of all that will occur. We will do our part by being as transparent as we possibly can be in a timely fashion. Everyone should check the mail kiosks for updates and information. If you have a question, ask it.

REMEMBER   Watch for notices on the mail kiosks as the work progresses. We expect that everyone will be cooperative in this endeavor.


For questions related to this project, e-mail to:



Brendan D Flynn – President, for the Board of Directors

George Diebel-Vice President.,

Jack Ligouri-Secretary

Elie Abourizk-Treasurer,  

Nick Rosa-At-Large






As we approach the end of what will probably go down in history as the year that challenged this country to its very core from beginning to end; we look to the new year with hope that the virus will finally be extracted from this planet.


However, we must not succumb to “Covid Fatigue” a very real issue that is also spreading within our communities. That is the growing attitude that the pandemic is ending because we have vaccines. While there is some light at the end of the tunnel, now is not the time to relax, it remains a highly contagious, and dangerous disease. There will be no end until we have wide-spread vaccinations the results of which are not expected until late Spring 2021.


What does that mean for the Piper’s Pointe community? We must continue to follow the guidelines from the CDC and all government agencies. If and when, the governor lifts the State of Emergency for the state, it does not mean that the regulations in place are no longer relevant. PLEASE NOTE that the rules in place for our community will remain in place at least through April 2021.


Our rules have now been in place since March 28, 2020, and the residents of this community have responded positively for the most part and as a result, to our knowledge, we have been spared the horrors of the virus. We as community must continue to be ever vigilant in every way to prevent contamination by social distancing, wearing a mask, washing your hands, and choosing your timing and destinations wisely.


This is also the time of year that many of our members return for the winter months. We expect everyone returning to comply with EVERY aspect of the prophylaxis set in place, including quarantine requirements as required.


After having endured months of the pandemic, we do not feel it necessary to spell out what is expected of everyone to keep us ALL safe. WE CAN DO THIS. Our seasonal visitors are also expected to abide by our community standards. Yes, this will be a very unusual season; it will not be pleasure as usual; there will be inconvenience; but it is necessary, and everyone is expected to do their part. Brush up on not only the COVID-19 rules but the community’s Rules and Regulations published on this site.


Currently, there is a limit on the number of persons allowed at the pools, respectively and Collier County is monitoring this regulation.

Regarding activities, we are currently trying to determine a way to continue some of the traditional ones. The clubhouse will continue to be off limits until we can determine how it can be used. Social distancing will be required throughout the community. We may oblige an identification process should contact tracing be required. Guests may be limited and monitored for compliance with CDC regulations.


Monitor this site for future information

Update From The Board
2020 - 2021 Season

I am sure that many of you have questions regarding your annual return to Piper's Pointe for the "Season".  It certainly has been very challenging times since we last gathered.  I would like to give you some kind of an idea of what we may experience.


Every corner of our planet has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The very way we interact with others has probably changed forever.  Each day brings new information and statistics, rules and procedures, etc.  This is the new reality for us.  I do not foresee any chance of Piper's Pointe normality in the coming months.


We have monitored the guidelines that we set in place on March 27th and again on June 1st.  In all honesty, I am proud of the residents who have faithfully adjusted to the new normal on our campus.


We have knowledge of only two (2) cases of the virus.  Both cases were not a result of any contact within our community.  One of our residents did succumb to Covid and the other has fully recovered.  There is no residual to cause infection remaining, the unit involved has been thoroughly sanitized.


We have been in close contact with the Collier County Health Department and keep abreast of the information coming out of Tallahassee.  Going forward, I believe that our restrictions will remain in place for the season.  Collier County does not foresee any loosening of pool mandates.  Masks are still required in the county as well as social distancing.  Those returning to Florida from "RED" states may be required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.


We may see less of our Canadian neighbors this season due to the current land border restrictions.


As for functions at the clubhouse, it does not look good for any organized function that involves food.  Bingo may be a possibility but will have to function differently along with all disposable game items.


Afternoon card games are a possibility.  It will require a commitment from those involved to abide by the dictates of the county, e.g. cards, once used, may not be used again.


All of this is new to us and if we wish to have any normalcy, everyone will have to be onboard with the rules.  We are all in this together and must be vigilant in keeping the community virus free.  There are many who are living with compromised health issues that we should concern ourselves with as well.  We should all be committed and constantly cognizant of the danger this virus poses for older residents.  Seasonal residents enjoy all of the Florida lifestyle when in residency.  This year, all should carefully plan those activities around the highly contagious virus when it comes to guests, where they visit, where they dine and shop.  Aggressive washing hands frequently, wearing masks along with social distancing is a must if we are to have another successful "season."


We will do our level best to keep you in the loop and informed.

Brendan Denis Flynn
On behalf of your Board of Directors
George Diebel, Jack Ligouri, Elie Ambourizk, Nick Rosa